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​Validate Your Idea

​Plan & Develop Your MVP

​Launch Your Business

Where Are You On Your App​ Startup Journey?

Step 0 - Mindset

Believe you can do it

The most important thing to make your dream a reality is to believe you can do it.

Then commit to do it.​

Then persevere.  Just keep doing it until you are successful.

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Step 1 - Ideation

​The best advice ​for what business idea to pursue is self reflection.

Your professional background, skills, and interests should be the primary driver for this important decision.

Your perfect business idea is a unique gift to the world
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Step 2 - Market Research

Learn exactly who your best customers are

​During this step we define your customer avatar and learn ​where people like that can be found.

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  • ​Create realistic customer avatars for your app startup

Step 3 - Startup Validation

​This is the part everyone wants to skip, and it's the biggest factor that determines if your business will be among the 90% of startups that fail​.

Make sure you are building something people want to buy.

Make sure your product resonates with your customers
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​Test / Learn

  • How to grow your understanding of what customers really want
  • Test your app idea with landing page sign-ups, flintstoning, and concierge service
  • Fake it before you make it

Step 4 - Product Design

Here's where the real fun begins.  Designing the user flows and screens in your app.

This allows us to get user feedback early, and know exactly what to build.

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  • ​All about user experience (UX)​
  • Figure out your user flows
Figure out exactly how your app should work

Step 5 - MVP Development

Your MVP is the minimal version of your app that you can take to market and provide value for your users.

Plan to add more features after you launch and get feedback.

Programmers do their magic to make your app real
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Step 6 - Launch!

You did it!  Your app is live and you're on-boarding users as fast as you can.

Pay attention to usage and metrics.  Talk to your users.

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  • ​​Getting your first users onboarded and learning from them​
  • ​What ​to measure and wh​ich metrics to pay attention to​
Your business achieves lift-off when you launch your app

Step 7 - Ongoing Operations

​You've been at the helm of your software business for a while and have most things under control.

Stay close to your users, plan your feature roadmap and ​develop what your customers ask for.

Pay attention to your customers and app metrics to grow your business
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  • ​​Supporting your customers
  • ​Planning new features, and new releases of your software
Gortek founder, Tony Sullivan

​Tony Sullivan


About the ​founder

​Tony is a veteran ​software engineer who dropped out of corporate life in 2013.  He's been doing consulting and freelance development since​.  He's now ​transforming ​Gortek into a ​startup focused springboard for entrepreneurs with the mission to help as many people as possible start and run successful app based ​businesses.​

Tony Lenzi

"Tony is a passionate software developer who focuses not only on solving tough engineering challenges presented by working with big data, but also on doing so in a way that solves his client's problems. When I worked with Tony, I routinely relied on him to deliver quick turn around solutions for client demos and pitches. His deep understanding of technologies from SOLR, to Python, to jQuery, meant I could trust him to deliver solid, reliable, and maintainable solutions."

​Tony Lenzi

Tom Gullo

"Tony has been a thought leader in the software development world for over a decade. Many years ago, when large, cumbersome technologies and frameworks were popular, Tony was an advocate lighter, easier to use and maintain technologies. I worked on a project with Tony where we helped the client move towards a service oriented architecture, the type that is the norm today. Tony would be an invaluable asset to any organization that is looking to gain an edge through the smart implementation of technology."

​Tom Gullo

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