Gortek develops software for startup founders and agile business leaders

We specialize in building Apps

You've heard the phrase, "There's an app for that." Have you ever thought of a useful app idea?

Gortek can turn that idea into reality.

With the right validation and execution, it's possible your idea could be the product of a successful business that changes the trajectory of your life.

It's not easy though. Developing an app is a complex endeavor that most people misjudge. Software is hard. Starting a business is hard.

Gortek is striving to perfect the process of validating app ideas, finding product-market fit, and enabling first-time, non-technical entrepreneurs to lead and grow a profitable business. Not every idea will work out, but working with our evolving process is the fastest, least expensive way to find out.

Working with us to develop your app makes the journey as easy as possible.

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Custom Software Development, APIs & Cloud Services

Most apps can't do much without "the cloud". We architect and develop custom APIs to do the heavy lifting and security sensitive aspects of an application's logic.

Careful analysis of your requirements determine which approach and technologies make the most sense:

  • 3rd party API integration
  • Custom APIs using REST, GraphQL, gRPC
  • micro-service architecture
  • "Serverless" and managed services
  • Containers, Docker, and Kubernetes
  • Custom data processing pipelines
  • Leverage appropriate storage formats and indexing technologies
  • Hybrid database solutions

Gortek delivers reliable solutions to complex problems. Our focus is developing web applications, APIs, and the cloud infrastructure that powers them.

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