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Gortek is the software development company for startup founders

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You've got an app idea

Gortek is different than most software development firms.

You may be surprised to learn that we actually don't want to develop your software. At least not until we've achieved what's known as "Product - Market Fit" with the idea first.

Testing and Validation

If you're not familiar with the Lean Startup approach to launch a business, the premise is that everything is an unknown.

Your product, your target market, and your unique angle. — All unknown quantities that must be tested and proven to work in your business context.

Because of this, you need to validate each of them. If any part of your business approach doesn't work you want to find out as soon as possible and change course.

Customer Development

If you're developing an MVP for your startup, or a new product for your business, Gortek will work with you to crystalize your app idea and test it with your target market. We want to do this before charging down the path software development.

This process of testing the business concept to ensure people want to buy what you are building before you build it is often called "Customer Development".

A Little Help?

If you're ready to talk through your idea, drop us a line to set up a call.


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