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Does your business need custom software?

Gortek is a small firm with big capabilities.

Being led by a hands-on software engineer with many years of experience means we can easily translate your business needs into robust software systems.

We punch well above our weight.

Our team can handle a range of projects from small one-off tasks, new product and app development, to full infrastructure modernization initiatives.

We run very lean, have low overhead, and can scale our development staff to meet the needs of your project requirements.

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New Product Development

Developing a new app or product for an existing business has a few key differences from a startup.

From a product perspective, the existing business usually has a much better understanding of their goals and customer base.

From a project perspective, the larger business has more resources and staff to coordinate with. A more rigorous process is usually desired, and decisions can take longer. Increase your agility by offloading some of that effort to our small team.

Our team can adapt to the shape, size, and skillset of yours, while bringing our own expertise to bear on developing your digital product. This ensures everyone's concerns are addressed and we match the appropriate level of technical detail to each person we converse with.

AWS Management Services

Amazon Web Services is our preferred cloud provider and is the default choice when building any new product or app. As a result, we're advanced users ourselves and automatically apply AWS best practices as part of our internal processes.

We encourage our clients to perform an audit of their AWS accounts and offer assistance where needed. This will highlight potential problems in your AWS configuration including security issues, and possibly opportunities to reduce cost.

It's not uncommon that our engagements involve some amount of education to teach you how to use the AWS Management Console.

AWS Console

API Development

Most every time we develop an app there is an API created along side the front-end software as a matter of practice.

Sometimes though, a business just needs to build an API. It could be to expose an API around an existing piece of software that doesn't natively have one. Or, to extend the capability of an app so partners and vendors can securely integrate into your business. Or as the back-end to an IoT device.

Whatever the case, we'll architect a solution tailored to your needs.

One pattern we've found to be highly effective is building custom microservices using AWS Lambda. This core functionality can be wrapped by specific endpoint technologies — API Gateway for REST, AppSync for GraphQL, and gRPC for service to service communication.

Data Migration and ETL

Need to move data from one system to another?

Change the format, clean, and augment data as part of a pipeline that serves your needs.

Python is usually the tool of choice here. Let's talk to see what solution best fits your needs. A simple script based pipeline, or a formal data processing workflow using Apache Airflow.

Python Programming Language LogoApache Airflow Logo
On-premises hardware

Cloud Migration

If you're running on-premises hardware the not-so-new paradigm of low-cost, pay-as-you-go, fully managed serverless cloud services is undeniably a game changer that you need to seriously consider.

Your question of “Why is it better to use cloud services?” is answered every time your financial guy (or gal) has that talk with you.

It's not just reduced capital expenditure from less space, power, and HVAC requirements. But also better security, operational agility in terms of scale up and down with demand, and increased reliability when deployed to multiple availability zones.

Gortek will help you level up your business by adopting AWS cloud services.

Migration to Serverless Architecture

This is the holy grail of software infrastructure. Completely hands-off managed services that run your software at the highest levels of reliability and instantaneous scalability.

This goes well beyond just trading your big iron for EC2 instances. Your modernization effort can include reimplementing software with a serverless architecture.

Were happy to discuss your needs together and formulate a comprehensive plan.

Serverless Architecture
Telecom Switchboard - courtesy of Joseph A. Carr
Are you connecting tools like it's the 1950s? Image Credit: Joseph A. Carr

Work Automation

Monotonous tasks suck the life out of people. They are error prone. They cause rework, delays, and cost money.

Many have tried using IFTTT and Zapier to glue together a hodge-podge solution. Those are neat tools for simplistic tasks, but aren't sufficient for sophisticated business needs.

Elevate your business to the professional level it should be at with purpose built, custom software.

Intentionally designed software will blast through the problems and painpoints caused by inadequate tooling. We'll model and fully capture your business process, then automate it using the right tool for the job.

Work with Gortek to create the complete solution, use the best technology, and rest assured of its reliability for your business.

Everyone's Top Question

How much is this going to cost?

A case full of money
This is how much money you can save with a discovery project.
Woman using binoculars
We use discovery projects to see into the future.

75% of software projects fail.

Software project estimations are infamous for being wildly inaccurate.

Tech news is full of cost overruns, software that doesn't work, and products that never see the light of day.

Gortek has discovered a solution to this problem.

It's not rocket science. It's common sense.

The secret is to make the unknowns known. Rather than try to predict far into the future, we simply go there.

As a matter of practice, we start our journey together with a small exploration project to document your business goals for the project, must-have and nice-to-have features & functionality, and user flows.

We develop mockups. We perform data analysis, sketch out schemas, interfaces, architecture, and dependencies.

You wouldn't build a house without a blueprint.

We learn as much as we can before we estimate overall time frames, level of effort required, and costs.

This is real work. It makes all the difference, and it's not free.

By doing this, we uncover complications up front.

We discover the curveball that would otherwise derail the project after its underway and committed to a course of action.

Are you ready for more realistic project estimates?

Lets book a discovery project to learn the true cost of your solution.